Are you looking for a getaway from the cities and find a place to relax with that special someone? We have a place in Montana that's perfect.

February is coming up quickly, and if you want to plan something special with the person in your life that makes you happy, you better figure it out soon. Most folks plan on enjoying a romantic dinner with that special someone. Occasionally, gifts are involved, but if you want to go above and beyond, a romantic getaway should be on your radar.

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Romantic getaways are a perfect way for you and your partner to relax. You can rent a hotel or Airbnb, explore a town, and spend quality time together. Nothing is better than spending a few days away from the big city's noise and enjoying quiet in a beautiful Montana location.

Photo by Tekang via Unsplash
Photo by Tekang via Unsplash

Where would be the perfect romantic getaway in Montana? We might have a clue.

Thrillist made a list of the Most Romantic Getaways in Every State, and they nailed where to go in Montana.

Usually, publications pick places like Whitefish or Bozeman as the most romantic getaways, but they did their due diligence and found the perfect place for this list.

The most romantic getaway in Montana is Philipsburg.

Philipsburg, MT Official Chamber of Commerce
Philipsburg, MT Official Chamber of Commerce

Philipsburg is constantly overlooked but is an incredible place to visit. Philipsburg is home to a fantastic downtown area, one of the best breweries in Montana, and delicious restaurants. If you want to get into some winter fun, the Discovery Ski Area is nearby. We almost forgot that Georgetown Lake is close by and is a perfect place for a walk along the shore.

Credit: Philipsburg, MT Official Chamber of Commerce via Facebook
Credit: Philipsburg, MT Official Chamber of Commerce via Facebook

Honestly, it's the perfect place for a vacation in Montana.

If you want to do something for that special someone, maybe head to Philipsburg for a few days and see what the fuss is about.

For more details, check out Thrillist.

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