The last few weeks have been a prime example of just how nasty Montana's weather can be. Creating a comprehensive pet emergency kit is crucial for their safety.

Here's a detailed checklist to help you assemble a kit that ensures your pets stay safe and comfortable during winter emergencies.

Water and Food Supplies with Portable Containers

Pack ample water and pet food in portable containers, such as collapsible bowls, to cater to your pets for several days. Having a convenient and space-saving dining setup is essential during emergency situations.

Printed Vaccination Records

Include a copy of your pet's vaccination records in the emergency kit to provide crucial health information in case of medical attention. Having this documentation readily available can make a significant difference in your pet's care.

Collar with ID Tags

Ensure your pet wears a collar with updated ID tags for a swift reunion in case of separation. Clearly visible identification is key to ensuring your furry friend finds its way back to you.

Leash/Carrier and Waste Bags

Include a leash or carrier for controlling your pet during emergencies. Having a means to transport your pet safely is essential for quick evacuations or temporary relocations. Don't forget waste bags for responsible clean-up.

Comfort Items

Add a couple of your pet's favorite toys or balls to provide comfort and entertainment during stressful times. Familiar items help your pet cope with the challenges of an emergency situation.


If your pet requires medication, ensure an ample supply in your emergency kit. Keeping medications on hand is vital, especially when access to veterinary care may be limited during emergencies.

Petroleum Jelly or Booties

Protect your pet's paws from harsh winter conditions with petroleum jelly or booties. Preventing chapped paws is crucial for your pet's well-being.

Coat/Sweater for Short-Haired Pets

Include a coat or sweater in the emergency kit for short-haired pets to provide extra warmth during chilly winter temperatures.

Assemble a thoughtful emergency kit for your pets to proactively ensure their safety and well-being during winter emergencies. 🐾❄️

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