Stepping Up to Serve with the Great Falls Police Department

Have you ever considered joining the ranks of law enforcement?  What does it take to wear the dark blue uniform that we see around the Electric City?


Stepping into that role with the Great Falls Police Department is on right now.  Recruitment is open for both lateral officers and entry level officers until April 8th in Great Falls.

Great Falls PD Announce New Officers Joining Ranks

In an announcement on social media, the Great Falls Police Department appointed two new recruits to the force.  Loveena Reiman and Skylia Delgarno will be heading to the Montana Law Enforcement Academy for the 184th Basic Class.

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During the swearing in process, Chief Newton said, "We're very proud of these two.... they have character, they have integrity and, they're going to do a great job serving our community."

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How To Become a Member of Law Enforcement in Great Falls, MT

If a law enforcement career is beckoning you, there are three separate opportunities to do so.  The Great Falls Police Department hires to coincide with the Academy classes, which are offered 3 times per year.  To apply, you can click here.

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The GFPD are also hiring for another position within the department.  Applications are open for Public Safety Communications Officer positions within the Great Falls Cascade County 911 Center.  To apply, you can go here for more information.

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