Be Aware - Thieves Are Hitting Eastside of Great Falls

If you are living on the eastern side of Great Falls, the Great Falls Police Department is interested in speaking with you, or even maybe viewing footage of your doorbell camera.

A spate of criminal activity in this vicinity recently targeted personal vehicles and the GFPD is looking for help in solving the crimes as quickly as possible.

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Vehicles Are the Main Target at This Point in This Case in Great Falls

During the first weeks of February, thieves targeted vehicles in the area of 1st Ave. South to 8th Ave. South and 30th Street to 37th Street.  The crimes are being committed in the late evening/early morning hours of the day.  GFPD reports that suspects may be in an SUV wearing dark colored clothing with hoodies.

Of reports received so far in Great Falls, law enforcement stated:

LOCK IT UP! Of the reports received so far, the vehicle was unlocked. The thieves opened a door, rummaged around and took shoes, a phone, clothing, electronics, paperwork, and a large amount of cash (from a purse).

SPO Whitsitt warned owners that:

community members to lock your cars, remove valuables, and never leave anything "tempting" in plain view.

How To Report Criminal Activity to GFPD In Great Falls

SPO Whitsitt is asking for help from the public in the form of any sightings of odd activity, strangers in your neighborhood or even possible video footage of these crimes from doorbell cameras.

If you have any information, video surveillance or others details that could help solve these crimes, there are several ways to contact local law enforcement.

  • Private message the social media page of the Great Falls Police Department
  • You can email SPO Whitsitt
  • Call to report any suspicious activity

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