Over the next few months, many a grill will be fired up to treat family and friends to a bevy of different entrees to tantalize our taste buds.  Hot dogs, burgers, ribs, maybe even a pie will all go on the grill or in a smoker at some point.  Steaks will be a main staple on many of those grills over the weekends, but where to get the actual beef to slap on that hot iron grille?  We just might have the answers for you after a little bit of digging.

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Canva/JD Graphix

Take It with A Grain of Salt, It Is the Internet After All

After exhaustive research across the web, I landed at one of my favorite spots on the internet, Reddit.  It's a rabbit hole of everything going on in the world.  And apparently, it even includes where to buy our steaks in Great Falls.  The responses were, well, expected.  How so?  What I mean is that the most popular are also some of my favorite places to grab a great hunk of beef from the butcher.

The Most Popular Places to Grab a Hunk of Beef in Great Falls

According to the site, poster u/veryrobscure posed the question of where to buy the best beef for grilling in Great Falls.  The results of the top 5 places to get that meat are put together for you below.  Where are you buying your favorite cut of beef?  Which butcher makes it perfect every time you order?  Hit us up in the comments of our socials, with our appchat feature in the downloadable app, or email me here.

Users were pretty nice in describing the best places to buy:

Super One has the best meat department in town. 2J’s and Albertsons are good choices too.

Albertson's came up several times in the course of the comments:

Albertsons. Mostly choice and a very clean meat department.

Another great choice according to posters:

Discount meats is great.

Favorite places to grab a great steak or roast also included:

- Sam's club is a good backup plan.

Our final place to grab that steak had both good and bad reviews for it.  Starting with the good side:

Central Meats has some good steaks and roasts.

However, folks also had some not-so-great things to say about this business:

Pretty slim pickins in there. They might have a few steaks out but I wouldn’t count on it.

One commenter even responded to confirm that assessment:

I stopped in, slim picking would be generous. They had some ground beef and that was it.

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