The Truth About Leaving Your Pet Alone In The Car In Montana

If you are like me, your pet is a full-fledged member of the family. That means I take my dog with me everywhere I go, but if I'm going somewhere where they don't allow pets inside, they stay at home.

We all know about leaving a pet inside a hot car, but what about just leaving your pet alone in a car? Is it illegal in Montana?

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Leaving Your Pet Alone In The Car Is Illegal In 31 States

There are 31 states in America that have taken steps to protect pets and have passed laws stating it's illegal to leave your pet alone in a car, regardless of the conditions outside.

Going even further than that, some states have allowed for the "rescue" of animals left in cars alone.

But where does Montana stand on the legal issue of leaving your pet alone in the car?

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Montana Law Regarding Leaving Your Pet Alone In The Car

Montana currently does not have any laws regarding leaving your pets alone in the car.

However, some cities, like Bozeman and others, say that it amounts to animal cruelty, which can result in a $1,000 fine.

The best advice is to only take your pets with you when you know they can be with you at all times.

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