These 10 Montana Towns Are Hidden Gems According To AI

One thing I've always been drawn to is technology. I just love gizmos and gadgets.

For as long as I can remember, I've been an early adopter of technology, and one of the biggest leaps lately is Artificial Intelligence.

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The words artificial intelligence spelled out with scrabble tiles

Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over The World?

There is real concern from people when it comes to using Artificial Intelligence, especially when it comes to creatives.

As of right now, it's very easy to tell when art is AI generated: missing fingers, extra rows of teeth, and just a general creepiness to the images generated.

Where it becomes hard to determine AI is when it comes to just text, which even Google now uses at the top of your searches.

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Woman using a laptop to talk to chat AI

What Did Chat GPT Say About These Montana Towns?

One of the easiest uses of Artificial Intelligence is the website Chat GPT.

Just ask it a question or give it a command, and it'll give you an answer.

Sometimes it can be wrong or mix up a few things, but if you continue to clarify what you are looking for, it will most of the time give you what you're asking for.

What I asked it to provide me with was "What cities in Montana are considered hidden gems that a first-time visitor to the state should make sure to visit?"

Honestly, I think it did a pretty good job, but I'll let you see for yourself in the gallery below.

10 Hidden Gem Towns In Montana You Need To See According To AI

We asked Chat GPT "What cities in Montana are considered hidden gems that a first time visitor to the state should make sure to visit" here are the results.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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