Time To Hit The Road In Montana

When I first moved to Montana over two decades ago someone described the state to me as one big city only with the suburbs being 4 hours away from each other.

I didn't quite get that until I lived in, and traveled the state for a few years, now I get it.

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Going from Great Falls to Missoula is a drive that I'm sure many Montana resident have taken, and like most destinations, there are plenty of ways to get there.

I'd wager most take Montana Highway 200 as it's probably the most direct. Perhaps you take the interstate route down to Helena then over to Missoula.

Well there's another way to get there that allows you to experience 3 fun towns to stop in along the way making for a fun little daylong road trip.

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A google maps view of the directions from Great Falls, MT to Missoula, MT
Google Maps/Canva

Take The Road Less Traveled

I might be wrong, but I don't believe most people take this route on their way to Missoula, but in doing so you deprive yourself of some great little towns along the way.

A welcome to Cascade sign welcomes people as they enter Cascade, MT
Google Maps

Cascade, MT

The first place we suggest stopping is Cascade, which you'll see from the picture above, was the first home of Charles M. Russell.

The first home of Charlie Russell nicknamed the Honeymoon Cottage
Randy Bogden

While not exactly in Cascade but very close by is another great reason to stop in this quaint town.

The Hardy Bridge southwest of Cascade, Montana
Google Maps/Canva

The Hardy Bridge was built in 1931 and could be seen in the film "The Untouchables" starring Kevin Costner. It served as the U.S.-Canada border in the movie.

If you're feeling hungry the next stop would be great for a late lunch.

Izaaks In Craig Montana
Google Maps/Canva

Craig, Montana

Locals have long know that Izaaks in Craig is a great place for food, in fact it was one our "25 Montana Bucket List Restaurants You Need To Try At Least Once"

Craig is also home to the Applestem Corn Maize & Pumpkin Patch. While only open during the fall, it's been named one of the best pumpkin patches in America.

Now on to our next stop.

A welcome to Lincoln sign in Lincoln, Montana
Google Maps

Lincoln, Montana

You might think of Lincoln as only a place to grab some jerky or use the restrooms, but you'd be missing out on plenty.

One thing we suggest is checking out the Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture In The Wild.

An art structure in the Blackfoot Valley

Photos honestly can not do this attraction justice, so the next time you pass through you really must go. Plus it's free, so you have no excuse.

There's also the Upper Blackfoot Valley Historical Museum to check out just behind the Hi-Country Trading Post.

Each of these towns have so much more to offer than we've discussed here, so hopefully the next weekend you head to Missoula from Great Falls, give yourself some extra time to explore all the riches these 3 great small towns have to offer.

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