What Two Montana Cities Are Considered To Be The "Best Run?"

When moving to a new city, there are all sorts of things to consider, such as schoolsparksjobs, and health care.

I doubt many people are taking into consideration just how well run the cities are, but maybe they should.

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Both Montana Cities Rank In The Top 20

The website Wallet Hub looked at every state to find out what cities were the best-run in America.

They looked at six metrics to make their determinations:

  1. Financial Stability
  2. Education
  3. Health
  4. Safety
  5. Economy
  6. Infrastructure & Pollution.

That gave them a "Quality of City Services" score for cities, which they then divided by the "Total Budget per Capita" to finally give them an "Overall Rank." That put two Montana cities in the top 20.

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Here Are The Two "Best Run" Cities In Montana

The first Montana city to make the list at #16 is the largest city in the state, Billings.

Their quality of services came in at #87, which is not the worst but far from the best. What helped Billings take the #16 spot is their "Total Budget per Capita" rank, which was the 9th best in the country.

The second Montana city came in just one spot ahead of Billings as the #15 best-run city, and that's Missoula.

Their quality of services came in at #59, which fares better than Billings, but their "Total Budget per Capita" rank, which was the 15th best in the country, was just a bit lower.

Here's hoping that in 2025 we see more Montana cities making the list, and if you'd like to see the whole list of cities, click here.

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