The Montana State Fair is in town!

Everyone here at the stations are jacked.  Honestly, fair week is hard at the radio station.  We do everything we do every day, plus, do remotes from the fair and introduce the concerts to the crowds.  It's hot, it's a lot of work, but it's also a lot of fun.  There's usually time to grab some food off the midway, talk to friends you don't see except for at fair, and, if we're lucky, go to a show or 2.  Let me clear one misconception up about DJ's.  We don't always get to go to the shows we promote.  A lot of times, we get you to the show, get on stage and welcome you and then go.  Because those days, we've been at work, since 7am, doing regular work plus the fair stuff, and the show doesn't start until 7-9pm, so honestly, most of the time we're too beat to stay as we have to do it all again the next day. Come on, I'm waiting for you to cry me a river.

That being said, fair week is AWESOME at the radio station!  I can't tell you how fun it is to get people revved up for a great 10 days.  It's even MORE fun to hook people up with concert tickets and gate admission and food coupons!

The whole experience of the fair is what makes it the best week ever!  The fair is not just exhibits.  The fair is not just rides.  The fair is not just concerts and horse racing and the rodeo.  The fair is not just about food you can usually only get once a year.  The fair is not just the people you run in to.  The fair is all these things. And I can't wait to see you and maybe get a picture!

Montana State Fair through the years

Memories of Montana State Fair in Pictures


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