They've been lighting up Montana and America since the 1800's thanks to Thomas Edison, but starting August 1, 2023, Montanans won't see incandescent lightbulbs on the shelves in any store.

The last day they can be legally sold or legally manufactured is July 31, 2023.


Why So Suddenly?

Actually, this has been in the works for awhile. According to The Hill, the Energy Department finalized the rules last year. The Department of Energy has been warning about the upcoming ban since January, 2023.

Why Target This Kind Of Bulb?

They say this move will save Americans around 3 BILLION dollars yearly and will drastically reduce carbon dioxide emissions over the next 30 years.

Why Are LED Lights So Much Better?

LED lights give out more light and use seventy five percent less energy than the soon-to-be-phased-out incandescent bulbs.  LED lights last longer than any other kind on the market.  They do cost a bit more, but they also last at least, twenty five percent longer.

There Are Other Types Of Bulbs Being Banned:

Due to the level of mercury in Halogen bulbs and compact fluorescent lights, they will be banned as well.

Is It Illegal To Use These Bulbs In Your Home?


No, the ban doesn't mean someone will be coming over to your home and checking out your lightbulbs.  In fact, if you love an incandescent bulb, feel free to take this time to raid your local stores and buy them all out for use in your home.  The ban simply means they won't be available for purchase as of August 1.

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