I ran across three phone scams plaguing Cascade County right now, and I thought I'd pass them along.

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From the Cascade County Sheriff's Office/Coroner's Office Facebook page:

Medicare Fraud:

Older adults are being contacted by someone saying they're from Medicare.  They ask the person's zip code, what type of policy they have, the color of their Medicare card and other personal information.

Medicare will never call and verify information this way.  As with anyone you don't know, do not "fill in the blanks" for them.  Do not verify your birthday, Social Security number, bank account number or any personal information.  They're trying to get all the information they need to steal your identity.

If you suspect you're a victim of Medicare fraud, call Montana Senior Medicare Patrol at 800.551.3191.  You can also report on line at smpresource.org or call your local Agency on Aging.

Medicare Fraud Covid 19 Test Kit Scam

Medicare recipients around the state have received Covid 19 test kits in the mail they haven't ordered.  One person in Polson got a dozen of these tests in the mail and was billed $192 for each test.

Statewide Senior Medicare Patrol Program Director at MAS, Renee Labrie-Shanks said, We are concerned people will receive these tests and put them away, not giving it a second thought. Receiving unordered tests indicates that someone has obtained their Medicare number to make unauthorized purchases and can sell it to others to do the same. We need everyone on Medicare to report these unordered tests right away so they can be issued a new Medicare number.

If you suspect you're a victim of Medicare fraud, call Montana Senior Medicare Patrol at 800.551.3191.  You can also report on line at smpresource.org or call your local Agency on Aging.


Using Names That May Be Familiar

A victim reported getting a call saying it was Lt. William Darby of the Cascade County Sheriff's Department, that there was a warrant for the victim for not attending jury duty and to call 406-952-3758 ext. 0.  After the call was returned, the victim received another call stating that the warrant was signed by Judge Best, she could pay it on the phone or turn herself in to the Sheriff's Department.  The victim was told to go buy 10-$200 Walmart gift cards to pay with and was redirected to an automated menu for a sheriff's department, but no-one answered when called.

From the Cascade County Sheriff's Office Facebook page:

This matter is actively being investigated. Please be aware the scam of someone claiming to be with our office, they are now using real employees’ names and phone numbers.
• CCSO will not call you to take fines over the phone.
• CCSO does not have any program with Walmart to facilitate bond payments.
• CCSO will not send you to retrieve gift cards to pay for bonds.
• CCSO Deputies do not collect Bonds on Warrants, we serve warrants.
If you feel you have been a victim of this fraud, please contact Deputy Landstrom at 406-454-6844 Ext 7506.

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