Today we're going to talk about Facebook scams effecting many Montanans.

The last couple of weeks, I'm seeing these pictures show up on my Facebook feed because my friends are doing it.  I know you've seen them:


Personally, I find these pictures creepy.  However, that's only part of a bigger picture.  See that button that says "Click to Play"? When you do that, it takes you to a 3rd party called My Puzzle.  When you click "Play on FB", you are giving them access to you AND everyone on your friends list.  You are also giving them access to your information and ALL of your pictures.  Including pictures of kids you may have in your gallery.

When You Click To Play You Are Giving Permission To Access Your Account And Data

How many times a month do one or more of your friends post something that says they've been hacked in one way or another?  Someone hijacks their profile or is posting spam messages on Messenger or blatantly posting spam right on their FB feed?  Many times, this is a direct result in falling for scammy, creepy things like this picture above.

But, I Need To See If I'm A Stark Or Targaryan

Sure, it's fun to see what house you belong with in Game of Thrones, or what kind of burrito you are.  However, the consequences outweigh the small window of fun, for me, at least. It's been years since I've done anything like this on Facebook because I learned quite awhile ago, these posts open a person WIDE OPEN for hacking and scamming.

Here's Another Scam That Screams Internet Ignorance

While we're at it, let us put this one to bed as well.  THIS IS NOT GOING TO WORK FOR YOU LIKE YOU THINK IT IS:


I honestly don't know what is gained by the scam that is this post, unless it's just to make other scammers aware that this person, making this post on their Facebook page, will pretty much fall for anything. Is that a list you want to be on?

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