In March 2023, The Electric Reported that the Hardees in downtown Great Falls was closed.

Doesn't it seem like prime real estate here in Great Falls?  Thousands of people drive that one way, or near that location, every single day.  Nearly any business in that area would have a high chance of success.

picture of closed Hardees location in Great Fals montana

So Why Is The Old Hardees Location Still Empty?

I just drove by this yesterday and I'm floored that this building is empty.  It's perfectly set up for a restaurant, obviously.  It's a prime location, obviously.  4,300 square feet.  That would be great for so many things.

Is The Building For Sale Or Rent?

According to The Electric, it's for sale.  I found this link in the Electric article that will bring you to the real estate page for the property.

Another Iconic Great Falls Property For Sale On Central Avenue. Check It Out Here

Again, Why Is This Building Still Empty?

At the radio stations, we are constantly asking residents what they want along the lines of shopping in Great Falls.  What kinds of restaurants do residents of Great Falls want? The crying, begging and shouting for more chain restaurants and department stores is always there. This building is perfect, or a perfect START, for a chain restaurant in Great Falls.  (I can already hear and see the people shaming me for not buying local.)

map showing some key businesses and where they're located in Great Falls highlighting the location of a closed hardees with a star
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Has Great Falls Snubbed It's Way Into Chain Restaurants Avoiding Us?

So many chains have tried to make Great Falls home, only to be turned away somehow by the people we elect to run our city.  (That's a COMPLETELY different article.)

It makes me wonder.  This location WAS a restaurant and has a good sized parking lot in a place that thousands of people drive by DAILY.  Is the price too high?  They're asking 1.4 million.

What do you think?  I honestly want to know.  Email me here.

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