It's not a secret that drug use has increased in Montana over the last several years.  From the abuse of prescription pills to the manufacturing of drugs in a "home lab", many communities across the state have seen a huge rise in the effects of drugs on their towns.

Often, with an increase in the usage of drugs, comes an increase in crime.  From theft to things much more serious, a drug problem can certainly affect not only a neighborhood but a community itself.

So how do you know if there is a problem in your town?  Is there a way that you can find out if there is a history of problems?  Actually, there is.

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For those that are wondering about those "questionable neighbors", or if you are just curious, there's a website that you can actually use to look up not only your town but your neighborhood to see if there is a history of drug busts.


While the website is based on different rehabs that are available, it has a feature called "Neighborhood Drug Dens".

The website focuses on Methamphetamine and allows you to zoom into your area, but that's not the only feature.  There is also information available that maps meth labs across the state, including Montana. The site also monitors the states that have the most meth lab seizures.

Meth isn't new to Montana, in fact, Montana was at the forefront several years ago with their Public Service Announcements dealing with the Montana Meth Project. They continue to use cutting-edge ad campaigns to show Montanans the reality of drug addiction.

Methamphetamine prepared to be consumed

If you are someone you know is struggling with illegal drugs, there are different organizations ready and willing to help.

Top 6 Most Used Drugs In Montana

Drug use is on the rise throughout the United States and we see it more and more here in Montana.

You would think Marijuana would be number one, but considering it is now legal, the arrests are far fewer than they have been in the past years.

Here are the Top 6 Most Used Drugs In Montana.

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