"Hey!  Who in the Montana put these paw stickers on my mailbox?"  It's ok fellow mail getter.  I checked with I heart Dogs, and it's all to help out your mail carrier deliver the mail safely.

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Why The Stickers on Your Mailbox?

The Postal Service started this program to help postal workers know when there is a dog in the residence.  Believe it or not, not all postal worker and dog encounters look like this.


In fact, it's a real issue for postal workers.  More than 5,300 postal workers were attacked by dogs last year.  That's like every single person in the town of Glendive getting attacked by a dog and then some.

I Don't Have A Dog, Why Is There A Sticker On My Mailbox?

There are two colors of stickers the postal service uses.  A yellow sticker lets your mail carrier know there is a dog at the next house.  A red sticker lets the mail carrier know there is a dog at that house.


Does A Sticker Mean My Dog Has Been Deemed Aggressive?

Not at all.  It's simply a way for the postal service to help their carriers know what's coming up on a route so they can be prepared.  This is in no way an indication that you have a bad dog.  Just that you have a dog.

My Dog Gets Upset Every Time We Get Mail.  What Can I Do?

Your dog probably isn't mad, just a bit scared.  It's not too hard to make your home a friendly place for your mail carrier.

  • Keep your dog in a separate room from where the mail is delivered.
  • Never have your dog present if you take the mail from your carrier's hand.  Your dog may consider that an act of aggression.  (After all, it may be bills, right?)

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