Great Falls is an amazing place to live.  We don't have to even go out of town to enjoy the Missouri River.  If you're looking for adventure with minimal travel, there is an amazing spot that's about 20 minutes from Great Falls.  Ryan Dam and Ryan Island Park Picnic Area.

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About Ryan Dam

Ryan Dam is located on Big Falls, the falls first seen by Meriwether Lewis as the expedition entered our area.  In his journal he noted it was the "grandest sight he had ever beheld".

From Wikipedia, it's the lower most and largest of the Great Falls of the Missouri, about 10 miles from Great Falls.  Ryan Dam was built in 1915 by Montana Power Company.  It's 1,336 feet long and 63 feet high.

Ryan Island Park Picnic Area

Youtube//Tennessee Airman
Youtube//Tennessee Airman

Ryan Island Park Picnic Area is just upstream from Ryan Dam.  The cool thing about this park is its on Great Falls Portage National Historic Landmark, to commemorate Lewis and Clark's travel around all of the Great Falls of the Missouri.  This park sits in the middle of the Missouri connected by a suspension bridge.

Ryan Dam Clubhouse

The Ryan Dam Clubhouse is right above the Ryan Island Park Picnic area.  It's a gorgeous area that has a club house with a kitchen, a reception hall and restrooms.  What's really nice is this area can be rented for free between Mother's Day and Labor Day and it's handicap accessible.  Click here to call or e-mail for reservations.

Take a peek at the gallery below, and you'll want to take a day to visit Ryan Dam and the park.  It's just another way to enjoy the beauty that we call home.

Check out Ryan Dam and Ryan Island Park

Ryan Dam, Big Falls, and Picnic Area Great Falls, Montana

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