I had to drop everything at work today and go buy MORE allergy medicines.  I say more, because I feel like I've spent a lot of money on allergy medicines, ESPECIALLY allergy eye drops since spring this year.  While I was driving to the drug store, I thought it must be a huge year for allergies in Great Falls, and I thought I'd do an article.  After all, I can't be the only one suffering like crazy right now.

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Turns out, this is all just moderate.  (A bad allergy day is now terrifying to me.)  I looked at Pollen.com and The Weather Channel and we're sitting at the high end of the moderate pollen count.

What Exactly Is Pollen Count?

From Zyrtec:

Pollen count is a measure of the average number of pollen grains per cubic meter

What's The Difference In Low And High Pollen Count?

Pollen count under 50 is considered low, over a thousand is considered a high pollen count.

When Is Pollen Count The Highest?

Pollen count is usually highest in the morning.  The pollen count will generally hit it's peak in the mid day or early afternoon.

How Do Weather And Temperature Affect Pollen Count?

Basically, if it's hot and windy, it's easier for pollen to travel and make our lives miserable.  Rain lowers airborne pollen.


Is There Anything That Can Be Done To Protect Yourself When Pollen Counts Are High?

  • Keep your doors and windows on your home shut, if you can.  That way extra pollen can't blow into your home.
  • Avoid outdoor activities in the morning and mid-day
  • Shower as soon as you get in from outdoor activities
  • Take your allergy medicine

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