In Montana just like everywhere else in our country, veterans need help with mental health problems and sometimes they have no idea where to turn when they live in a area like rural Montana where at times mental health services are hard to come by or just do not exist.

According to the Montana Department of Health and Human Services, suicide in Montana is the 3rd highest in the nation.

The Montana VA Health Care System wanted to try to combat the rate of suicide within the veteran community with a new mobile unit that can travel to most places like rural areas where mental health services are scarce.

They call it The TSM Mobile Medical Unit.

TSM meaning Trancranial Magnetic Stimulation

Veterans Health Administration Via YouTube
Veterans Health Administration Via YouTube

The TSM Mobile Medical Unit is a recreational vehicle converted into a rolling treatment center involving what they call a "procedural based treatment" stimulating parts of the brain where they believe are connected with depression using the treatment to activate certain regions of the brain.

The Montana VA Health Care System sees this high-quality treatment be effective and safe for the people they have treated. They realize that this treatment can't fix absolutely everything and this treatment isn't necessarily for everyone seeking help. However, they believe it's a big step in mental health service in the state of Montana and even throughout the United States.

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This treatment gives other options to veterans when medications and other forms of treatment are not working well enough.

Watch the video provided by The Montana VA Health Care System for a closer look at their mobile unit.

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