There are those in this world that put in the time and effort to better themselves and their situation. I'm talking about folks like Eric Robbins. A Montana man that lost over 100 pounds, got himself healthy, and fulfilled a dream of appearing on American Ninja Warrior. Then there are those, like myself, that grabbed two donuts out of the box at the office meeting today. I suppose we're both fighters just trying to do our best but we'll save my inspiring story for later and use these few moments to put Eric in the spotlight.

We originally shared the news that Eric, from Kalispell, would be appearing on the show back in March. His story is pretty awesome and includes him losing the weight, lowering his blood pressure, and starting a business as a health coach where he helps others achieve their health goals. He actually filmed his episode of American Ninja Warrior back at the end of March. After a few months of waiting, the show finally aired this week.

How'd he do?

This might be one of those moments to break out the "it's not about winning, it's about the opportunity" line as Eric was eliminated in his appearance. An NBC Montana story says "he fell while working his way through the roller coaster obstacle."

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If you've ever watched the show, you know it's an accomplishment just to get invited to compete. And it has to be even more satisfying for Eric when you look at his story as a whole. If you didn't catch his run through the obstacle course on American Ninja Warrior, the episode will air again Friday at 7 PM on NBC MONTANA.

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