Part of my job is to write articles about Montana. Whether it's a new business coming to town, or an old favorite saying goodbye. Maybe it's about the high cost of living, the lack of workers, some hidden gem, or something most Montanans would find interesting.

I'll be honest with you, some days are easier than others. However, no matter what I write about or what my opinion is on the subject, it seems that I always run across folks who either don't like what I'm writing about or disagree with my take on it.

That's ok. That's part of the job, but recently I came across a comment that I found interesting. I had written an article about how Bozeman was named one of the most tourist-friendly towns in America, and a couple of people took offense to it.

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I am more than aware that several Montanans aren't fans of tourists, and I get it. The summer months can be filled with traffic jams and crowds of people, plus they take all of the good camping spots and parking places. But one person suggested something that I thought was a bit ridiculous.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Someone commented that I was "exploiting" the state and suggested that I stop, I don't normally respond, but I commented that many mom-and-pop businesses depend on tourists to not only make their living but to pay their employees. To which the person responded with the following:

Not everyone depends on tourism. Maybe those businesses need to find something else to do.

So let me get this straight, a person or persons invests their time, money, and labor into a business that is supported by the tourism dollars that come into the state, and they should close up shop and find another career? Well, that seems a little drastic, doesn't it?

Do other Montanans feel this way? Should we ban both TikTok and Tourism in Montana?

According to the data, Montana brings in over 5 billion dollars a year on tourism, that billion with a B. Out of that, millions upon millions of dollars go to taxes which are then used to build roads and infrastructure, fund programs and state parks, and keep the state going. In fact, according to Voices of Montana Tourismalmost 70 thousand Montanans depend on the tourism industry to survive. 

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Oh, and here's another interesting fact, tourism reduces the taxes that Montanans have to pay and when was the last time you heard a Montanan complain that their taxes were too low?

So, yes, there are times, when tourists can be a bit much, but I would much rather deal with a bunch of folks walking around taking photos than paying more than I already do. What about you?

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