Do Pet Owners Break This Law the Most in Great Falls?

Have you ever been in trouble for something that you didn't even know had rules?  If you have, you probably know that if it was a more serious offense, pleading ignorance isn't an excuse that will work to get you out of it.


But some of those rules are so far hidden in city, county or state codes that unless you have the time to comb through every little bit and piece, you probably will break a few rules or laws.  I think that is the case with our pets in Great Falls.

Have You Ever Tried to Read the Great Falls City Code?

If you've ever ventured to the City of Great Falls website to check out a code, you know it is akin to something of the Rosetta Stone when it was first discovered.  It's all gibberish.  However, there are some rules that should be mentioned, especially regarding our pets.

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There are multitude of codes when it comes to pet ownership in the Electric City.  Most of those codes you might be familiar with.  Proper shelter, rabies vaccinations, collar and of course keeping up with the excrement.  However, there is another code that caught me in the wrong.  The number of pets you can have within the city limits.

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How Many Pets Can You Have in Great Falls Legally?

So, how many is too many.  In Great Falls, the municipal code states that if you are a multiple pet owner, there are permits to allow you to do so.  According to the city municipal code, "It is unlawful for any person, persons, or family to keep, harbor, or maintain in or on the same premises a total of more than two (2) cats and two (2) dogs of four (4) months of age or older, without first obtaining a multiple animal permit as provided in OCCGF §6.1.090."


With 3 dogs and a cat, I was needing that permit.  And it was actually very easy to apply and receive it from the Great Falls Animal Shelter.  But it made me wonder how many other pet owners were in violation across the city?  Did you know about this code?

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