How Pumpkins Are Helping Homeless Families in Great Falls

Great Falls has been given many a name over the years.  Some of those good, such as the "Electric City".  There are also some that come with a negative connotation, such as "GFunk".  But after 30 some odd years of living in this city, there is one thing that always will ring true about our residents.

Great Falls is some of the most giving and charitable people in the state.  I mean it.  Ever single time, the populace of the town stand together, regardless of their own means, and step up for great causes time and time again.

Family Promise of Great Falls Hit the Jackpot Again This Year

I firmly believe in the giving of our city.  One only has to look at events put on by Special Olympics each year, or the support that businesses give to the blue and gold cards or any charitable organization within our community.  Great Falls will step up and support those causes.

So, it isn't a surprise that Family Promise of Great Falls was recently the recipient of an amazing donation facilitated by and equally amazing family and the generous donations of our citizens.

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Jordon And His Family Are Heros for All to Aspire to Be

In 2015, Jordon Shroeder wanted to give back to his community and came up with an idea of using his families pumpkin farm in central Montana to help.  Each year, they offer up pumpkins for everyone to come and purchase during the "Pumpkins For A Cause" with proceeds going to a specific organization.  This year, Jordan and the family chose Family Promise of Great Falls.

After the annual event, the Shroeder family with Jordan presented a check to Family Promise for a whopping $12,644.00 this week!

The Incredible Carvings of the World Famous "Pumpkin Gutter"

You've probably seen him on the Food Network, or perhaps you saw his photos in Ripley's Believe It or Not, SW Oklahoma native Scott Cummins is world-renowned for his amazing ability to carve pumpkins.

He carves other things too... Canalope, watermelon, the occasional cordog or two, but he's mostly known for his pumpkins. An artist to the core, Scott truly has an eye (and the skills) to find amazing creations in everything he touches.

Gallery Credit: Kelso

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