Outdoor enthusiasts and trail users in the Great Falls area, take note: there are two upcoming temporary closures along the scenic River's Edge Trail.

Central Ave West Bridge to Riverside Railyard Skate Parking Area

Duration: September 12 - September 26

Starting from September 12 through September 26, another portion of the River's Edge Trail will experience a temporary closure.

This section encompasses the trail intersection just north of the Central Ave West Bridge (often referred to as the "Rainboffalow"), heading north to the River Drive North crossing at the Riverside Railyard Skate Parking Area.

The closure is essential for a storm drain installation project to enhance the trail's infrastructure and drainage capabilities.

9th St. N to Sacajawea Island Parking Facility

Duration: September 18 - October 1

From September 18 through October 1, a section of the River's Edge Trail, stretching between 9th St. N and the Sacajawea Island parking facility, will be temporarily closed.

The reason for this closure is the operation of heavy drilling equipment by Calumet Montana Refining.

This equipment will be active in the vicinity, necessitating the trail closure to ensure the safety of trail users and to facilitate the work being conducted by Calumet Montana Refining.

Things To Keep In Mind

During these closure periods, trail users should seek alternative routes and use caution when encountering construction or maintenance activities. 

In conclusion, while these temporary closures may disrupt your outdoor plans along the River's Edge Trail, they are necessary steps to ensure the long-term sustainability and safety of this beloved recreational asset.

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