Candle Shopping? This One Is The Scent Of Montana

When it comes to smells there is proven data that getting a whiff of a certain smells can trigger nostalgia.

Perhaps that is why one candle making company has decided to start making candles that supposably smell like each state in America.

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How Do You Capture A States Smell?

Perhaps you have moved away from Montana and you miss it, well that is why the candle company "Homesick" started producing candles in 2016 to remind people of where they came from.

I grew up in South Dakota, and I am gonna be honest, I do not think I want the candle that smells like my home state. The first smell listed for that candle is river water. As much as I love the Missouri River, smelling like a fish is not all that pleasant, but I am sure the scent is actually less fishy and more refreshing.

A man holding his nose and putting his hand up as if to say, get away that stinks

What Does Montana Smell Like?

As for the Treasure State, I think this could be a wonderful smelling candle.

Here is how Homesick describes the Montana candle on their website,

Get a blast of the Big Sky Country with a minty, citrusy scent evocative of open plains and winter air. Finished with cedar, sandalwood, and amber.

I don't know if that scent is exactly what Montana smells like, but if you've moved away it could be just the thing to cure your homesick blues.

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