In my family, cussing is an art form. (Much to my mom's dismay.) I wish you could have heard my dad string together a group of expletives when he was hacked off.  It was a thing of beauty and would have made Clark Griswold look like a effin' amateur!

In May, Word Tips did a feature on the most sweary states in the union and what was the favorite cuss word they used when they started to string together the unmentionables.  They based their research on Twitter Posts.

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What State Has the Fullest Swear Jar?

That would be Georgia.  Bless their hearts, turns out those peach lovin' so and so's have a pretty foul mouth. Georgia averages 48 swear words per thousand tweets.  In Atlanta, it's a profanity filled paradise, landing at the top for the most sweary city in America. In Georgia, they like the S word the most.

What State Doesn't Need A Swear Jar?

Minnesota.  Turns out even when the Vikings are your football team, all the lakes and Mall of America cool things off enough that they come in as the least vulgar state in the Union.  They only tweet about 15 swear words per thousand tweets.  Precious.

Where Does Montana Land For Expletive Use?

41.  WTF?  41.  I honestly thought this state would get a top 10 for this, AT LEAST. Turns out I don't know jack.  But, I did nail our favorite vulgarism.  In Montana, when the vulgarity flies, you are very likely to hear the F word a time or 2.

So the next time someone tells you that we cuss too much in Montana, you tell them to flip right off.  We're actually pretty tame here in Big Sky Country.

Fun Words For When Cussing Isn't An Option

Recently, we asked our listeners on Facebook to share a word or two they think is fun to say. Some gave an explanation, some didn't. We received nearly 200 comments, and while it was tough to whittle down, these are the 30 we had the most fun saying.

America's Favorite Cuss Words

America's Favorite Cuss Words, ranked

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