The Fourth of July is almost here and there will be fireworks, barbeque, patriotism, and beer.

You would be hard-pressed to find another state that loves America as much as Montana, so of course we're going to get together and have a good time. Montanans love to celebrate; in fact, a recent study showed that when it comes to 'celebrating', very few do it as much as we do.

We told you about our love for beer here in Montana and how the average Montana drinks over 40 gallons of beer a year.  Throw in the fact that the Fourth of July is one of the biggest drinking holidays of the year, and what does all that mean?  Well, it means there could be a whole lot of drunk Montanans on America's birthday.

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According to, the Fourth of July is the fourth biggest holiday for binge drinking, with the average number of drinks per American coming in at just under 4. Now, of course, a whole lot of folks might think, "well, four isn't bad," and for some people, it isn't, but keep in mind, that's the average.

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The website goes on to say that one-third of men (33 percent) will binge drink this Fourth of July, while just under 25 percent of women will.

Now, in no way am I suggesting to you what to do or trying to rain on your parade. I certainly don't appreciate it when someone tells me what to do.  However, I would recommend that if your Fourth of July plans do include drinking alcohol, you have a plan that ensures everyone stays safe.  I mean let's be honest, Fireball and fireworks might not be the best combo.

American flag and fireworks with night sky background.

So, cheers to you. I hope your holiday is filled with fun, family, and friends. Oh, and Happy Birthday America!

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