What is Pride Month in Great Falls?  For those that are  a part of the LGBTQI community, it's this, from Kern Sol News:

I think pride means living authentically and truly to who you are- Alex Garcia

And This

Pride month means gathering around individuals who will make you feel loved and supported no matter what-Jazmyn Hewett

And This

Pride month is the time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and to recognize the impact that queer people have had on society throughout history.  It’s a time to honor the struggles and trials of those who have fought for LGBTQ+ rights and to support those who are still fighting for equality-Ken Garo

And My Favorite:

Pride is joy-Jazmyn Hewett

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I am so very sick of seeing people struggle to be the best, authentic self they can be.

Look, I'm a straight, white female.  Let's be honest with each other, if only in whispers, life hasn't been that hard on me.

Sure, we all struggle in some sense of the word throughout our lives.  Work struggles, money struggles, spouse struggles, kid struggles I could go on and on.  Truth is, I've grown up watching women like me on tv and in movies.  I had role models that WERE LIKE ME.  Ever relationship I've had, while my parents and family knew it was stupid, the relationship was generally accepted by society.  Sure, I had to fight my way at work, but my struggle in radio pales in comparison to the struggles of women of color in the broadcast industry.

So FINALLY, after hundreds of years of bullying, conversion therapy, other persecution up to murder, our LGBTQI brothers and sisters have this filth distributed during their ONE pride festival of the year, in my favorite town in the world, Great Falls, Montana. The fear and hatred from your "flyer" just screams, "I'm scared of what I don't know and I'm pathetic because I refuse to learn."


Do better, Great Falls.  Be an ally.  It's easy.  See these kind of shenanigans, turn them in.  The LAST thing we need is for the radical hate groups to feel comfortable here.

Pride in Missoula

Thousands turned out for Pride weekend in Missoula to celebrate diversity, equality and dignity.


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