A pet can be great company and add a lot of joy to a family or an individual.  Before jumping in to pet adoption, there are a few very important things to consider for you, your family and the quality of life for your future furry family member.

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What Kind Of Pet?

This is where you should research.  Find out about animals that fit your families wants and lifestyle.

Do You Adopt A Shelter Pet Or Go Through A Breeder?

There are a lot of animals waiting for a home at the Great Falls Animal Shelter and the Maclean-Cameron Animal Adoption Center.  No matter if you go through a shelter or breeder, there are forms to fill out and shots and spaying or neutering to do.

Adopting a pet isn't free.  You can get an idea of what you're looking at by talking to your breeder or checking out the websites above.

What Are Your Obligations To The City?

Make sure you check out the city animal ordinances before you adopt.  Licensing needs to be done and you may need to get your new family member up to date on shots.


What Do I Need To Do At Home?

Is your home pet-friendly?  Have you gotten ready before the pet arrives with things like bowls, food and a bed or kennel?  Getting your home ready ahead of time can save a lot of hassle, and add an extra level of comfort and security for your pets first few days in their new home.

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