Legal Marijuana in Montana? Is it too good to be true? Even after the bill has passed (in certain counties) some lawmakers are still trying to Bogart your rights.

Speaking personally, I see the legalization of recreational Cannabis in Montana as a very positive thing. With a state this large, and looming infrastructure problems and housing, I think we can agree we can use all the tax revenue Montana can get its hands on, right? Well, after we legalized Cannabis, we got a pretty big bump.

The Marijuana Herald breaks it down pretty well. 

According to data released by the Montana Cannabis Control Division, the state made $49,681,597 million in taxes from recreational marijuana and $4,185,300 million from the sale of medical marijuana. -TheMarijuanaHerald

Over 4 million dollars in tax revenue. Now, this new bill would have us take that right off the table and push us back into the dark ages.

Senate Bill 546 introduced by K. Regier tears down almost every area of Marijuana cultivation and consumption from what we know now.  Some notable changes would be areas like:

    1. Reduce Marijuana Sales

    2. Home growing for medical only

    3. Maximum THC content in flower

    4. Max concentrate THC

    5. Changes minimum age for working in a facility from 18 to 21

    6. Telemedicine visits


Am I missing something here? Is there a direct relation to higher crime or health issues since we have legalized Marijuana? What is the purpose of this bill? I really would like to know. How does K. Regier plan on covering that 4 million dollar in tax revenue if this bill passes?

The people have Montana have spoken and voted. This bill, to me, just seems like a desperate attempt from a miserable person that maybe just needs to eat an edible or two and turn on Cartoon Network and chill.

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