Since the pandemic, Montana has seen a huge influx of people moving to Big Sky Country.  Now, I'm hearing a lot about "movers remorse", similar to buyers remorse.  The remorse is coming from companies wanting workers back in the office, and now the office is states away, to paying too much for property, to the winters in Montana being just too much to handle.

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So, I thought I'd do a list of pros and cons of living in Montana, for those of you on the cusp of deciding where to move.  My list will be real and truthful, not like some of the lists I've seen where they're trying to sell you property in Montana.

This list is 100% my opinion.  The opinion of a lifelong resident of Montana.

The Pros

  • Amazing outdoor opportunities.  No matter if you want to drive through a national park or tube the river or hunt, we have it all here for you.
  • The cost of living, while growing larger since the pandemic, is still relatively small compared to other states.
  • Montana has a very low unemployment rate.  If you want to work, you can work in Montana.  May not be your dream job, but those not so dreamy jobs still buy groceries.
  • Great schools and colleges
  • Wildlife and wild spaces everywhere
  • Montanans, in general, are very good neighbors
  • We have a small population
  • 2 national parks, one on either side

The Cons

  • Winter.  Winter is real, winter is long, winter isn't always easy
  • Wildlife and wild spaces everywhere.  You notice this is in the pros, too.  It's all in how you handle yourself when you're around our wildlife and wild spaces.  Play stupid games in Montana, you could wind up dead.  Do it right, you have spectacular memories and pictures
  • Lack of public transportation.  Most towns don't have ANY.  You need a vehicle to thrive in Montana
  • Wages are generally lower than other states.  I guess that's a good reason our cost of living is so low compared to others.
  • Lack of choices when shopping and eating out.  It's getting better in some Montana Cities, others, not so much
  • Violent crime is up.  However, we're still safer than most places
  • Homes and rental prices have SKYROCKETED since the pandemic.  Thanks so much for that, transplants
  • Racism and bias toward transplants. (See above)  The racism isn't so new, but the aggressiveness toward transplants is.  I think it has a lot to do with housing prices.

What do you think I missed?  It it fair?  Let me know here

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