In just over a week, September 22, it's officially fall.  Sweaters, football, cider, and corn mazes!

How did corn mazes become a thing?

It all started back in 1993 when the first corn maze was created at Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania.

Is it more than just something to do on a weekend?

It's all how you look at it. Yes, it gets the whole family out of the house and on an adventure for an afternoon or weekend, depending on where you go.  It's a great promoter of family bonding and even team building, if you want to make it a competition.  But it also has great benefits for the little ones.  Everything from building confidence, decision making, problem solving and getting a better sense of direction to a sensory experience and even language development.  And let's be honest, some great pictures for your memory books and social accounts.  How cute are littles all bundled up for fall headed into the great outdoors to solve a corn maze?  That's social media gold right there.

Helping sustain our local farms

It's harder and harder for small, family owned farms to compete with the corporate farming world.  Corn mazes can be a great supplemental income for our local farmers. It looks like a decent corn maze can generate thousands of  extra dollars for farmers in their off season.  Not a small thing at all.  Many of our local farmers are always on the brink of having to sell.  What a fun way to support our local economy.

I found 5 corn mazes around Montana

I did the tedious work, now you just go plan your family outing.  You could hit a corn maze every weekend for a month, more if your kids are bigger!

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5 Montana Corn Mazes

5 Montana Corn Mazes


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