Organizers of a Memorial Day weekend tradition in western Montana are hoping you can be counted among the visitors.
Be sure to attend the 47th annual St. Regis Flea Market. It's a weekend of unique shopping Saturday through Monday, May 25-27, 2024, from daylight till dusk all three days in the St. Regis Community Park.
If you're looking for some fresh air, a bargain and maybe something in the odd or unusual categories, displayed with real hometown hospitality, St. Regis puts on a lively flea market with great people and affordable local amenities. And it won't consume your entire weekend. It's one of those eclectic shopping experiences where you realize you didn't even know you needed it or wanted it until you see it! It might be just perfect for you!
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Now, it's pretty hard to get lost in St. Regis, but the community still does a great job with signs showing which roads to take, turns, parking areas, shuttle buses, etc. Just take Exit 33 off Interstate 90 and follow those signs.
Lots of good food, too, so come hungry. All in a real nice family park atmosphere.
There is also a large parking area along the north end of the flea market complex. It's free, but the high school kids guiding you to open parking spaces always appreciate a few bucks to go toward various St. Regis school ventures.
Image courtesy of Getty Images, Townsquare Media Boise
Image courtesy of Getty Images, Townsquare Media Boise


The St. Regis Flea Market is a fundraiser organized by members of the St. Regis Community Council to benefit the town and those who enjoy selling or buying in western Montana. If you find small communities that deliver big-time, hometown hospitality appealing, St. Regis is a place to bookmark and visit while it's springtime in the Rockies.
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Has anyone noticed the weather can change quickly in Montana?  Yeah, for sure, but as of press time, the St. Regis Memorial Day weekend outlook calls for occasional showers (20-30% chances) with intermittent sunshine, highs of 65 Saturday and Sunday, high of 73 on Monday.
There is no admission charge to browse what is typically around 200 vendor booths and tents. And please, no bikes in the park and all pets must be on a leash and in your control.

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