Recalls In Montana - Is This Popular Kitchen Appliance in Your Home?

I'll admit that I wasn't one of the first people to get on this current trend.  I waited to see if it really was all it was "cooked" up to be.  And after finally taking the plunge to buy one, it has become one of the best items in my kitchen cabinet to grab for a quick meal.


Yes, my air fryer is one of my favorites in the kitchen.  The possibilities with it are endless, plus it makes for quick meals.  But now, they are saying we need to watch out with one particular model.

It Really Is a Scary Reason for This Recall from Store Shelves

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has stated that one particular model of fryer has had 9 reports so far this year.  Those reports are of air fryers catching fire, burning, and smoking.


Probably not the best way to be checking to make sure your smoke detector is working or not.

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Did You Purchase One of These Online from the Retailer or Amazon?

The affected company is Secura.  Due to the problems listed above, over 6,400 of these units are now being recalled or pulled from shelves.  If you purchased one of these from this company between May of 2019 and October 2022, you may need to return yours.

The affected models in the recall will have a model number of SAF-53D (TXG-DT16E) and a date code 1901 OR a model number SAF-53 (TXG-DS16) and date codes 1903 and 1904.  If you do own one of these, you are encouraged to immediately stop using it and return it to Secura at their website here.

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