Montana Cashes In Big On Opioid Settlement

Publicis Health Agrees to National Settlement

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen announced that the state will receive over $1 million in a national settlement with Publicis Health. This agreement aims to resolve investigations into the firm’s involvement in the prescription opioid crisis Nationwide.

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Acknowledgment of Harm

In accepting the terms, Publicis Health recognized the harm its actions caused. The agreement will provide financial support for treatment and recovery efforts in hard-hit communities, including Montana's share of $1,072,040 out of the total $350 million.

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Disclosure and Restrictions

As part of the settlement, Publicis Health will disclose internal documents detailing its work for opioid companies and stop accepting certain client work related to opioids.

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Attorney General's Response

The opioid epidemic has killed hundreds of Montanans and left thousands more to battle addiction, which is why my administration has made it a priority to address the problem and hold those responsible for this crisis accountable. The money we secured in this settlement will help provide treatment and save lives.

Publicis Health's Contribution to the Crisis

Publicis Health aided Purdue Pharma and other opioid manufacturers in marketing and selling opioids, exacerbating the crisis.

Opioid Impact on Montana

The opioid epidemic has had devastating effects on Montana, leading to hundreds of prescription overdose deaths and significant costs to the state's systems.

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