How The Great Falls Animal Shelter Is Helping Pets

For most of us, this day will fly right by without a notice.  But for our furbabies and the parents that take care of them, it is a big day.  But this day is much more about awareness than it is a celebration of anything.

This year, World Rabies Day comes on September 28th.  With that, our local shelter will be helping those same furbabies stay safe from unwanted complications due to playing with something they shouldn't.

If You Need Help, Simply Load Up Your Pet for the Shelter

No, I don't mean to drop them off.

The Great Falls Animal Shelter will be hosting a rabies vaccination clinic as part of the Rabies Awareness Day.

Pet owners will be able to stop by the shelter for a free inoculation of rabies for their pet.  The great part of this is that it is free.

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Getting Your Pet The Important Shot It Needs to Stay Safe Outside

Want to take advantage of this great offering from the GFAS?  Here are the details for the event:

  • Date:  Thursday, September 28, 2023
  • Where:  The Great Falls Animal Shelter - 1010 25th Ave. NE
  • Time:  Bring your pet between 4:30pm and 6:30pm

Help keep our pets safe when they encounter outdoor wildlife like bats, squirrels, raccoons, even skunks by having them vaccinated for rabies and any other needed shots to make sure they stay healthy.  Get the shot, it's the first line of defense for our pet's safety.

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