Big Brother in the Montana Workplace - Are There Rules?

There is an extremely good chance that at some point in your day you will be on camera.  Not just a quick snapshot either.  Full video recording.  Does it ever bother you when you see all the cameras around you?  Traffic cameras, surveillance cameras, someone filming for a news story or just someone taking video of their day downtown enjoying the sights.

We are under the watchful eye of someone at all times really.  But what are the rules for said video being taken of us?  What does the law state?

Are Office Security Cameras Legal in the Workplace?

Basically, yes.  Currently there aren't any laws on the books that say that an employer can't have a camera recording video.  But there are a few limitations to exactly where they can place those cameras.

There are also strict rules state to state regarding the recording of audio along with video.  While consent for video recording isn't necessarily needed, audio recording in the state of Montana does require each party to be notified and give consent.

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Where Are Those Cameras Being Placed in the Workplace?

Business owners are required to have a legitimate reason as to why they need camera surveillance.  In most cases, fraud or stealing is often cited and enough for legal.  But there are limitations to where cameras can be placed.

  • Hidden cameras are illegal.  Employers must notify you are being recorded.
  • Cameras can only be installed in common areas
  • Cameras are not allowed in restrooms, lockers and in some cases break rooms

What are your thoughts on being recorded at your workplace?  Let us know in our comment section of social media, use the appchat feature or you can email us here.

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