A recent analysis of November data from the U.S. Census Bureau Household Pulse Survey has shed light on the prolonged effects of COVID-19 on a significant portion of the population.

While most individuals recover from COVID-19 within a few weeks, a staggering revelation emerged: 24.4% of Americans aged 18 and above who tested positive or were diagnosed with COVID-19 reported persistent symptoms lasting three months or more.

Long Covid Data

This persistent condition, termed "long COVID" by the World Health Organization (WHO), has left a considerable imprint across various states and cities in the U.S. Oklahoma, in particular, emerges with a startling statistic - 34% of adults who contracted COVID-19 in the state experienced long COVID, the highest rate among state populations nationwide.

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Cities like Los Angeles and Atlanta also grapple with the substantial impact of long COVID, affecting a striking two out of every five adults who were afflicted by the virus.

The effects of long COVID extend beyond mere symptoms; 31% of those affected report a significant reduction in their ability to carry out daily activities, underscoring the pervasive and debilitating nature of this condition.

What Is Long Covid?

Long COVID is defined as the continuation or development of new symptoms three months after the initial SARS-CoV-2 infection, lasting for a minimum of two months without any other explanation, according to the WHO.

This analysis presents a comprehensive overview, revealing not just the prevalence of long COVID but also spotlighting the states and major cities where its impact has been most profound.

It's a stark reminder of the enduring health challenges faced by a significant segment of the population even after the acute phase of the illness has passed.

Long Covid In Montana

According to the data, Montana ranks second highest among U.S. states in the percentage of residents—33.8%—who developed long COVID after contracting the virus.

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