He had been on the run for nearly four years but his freedom came to an end on May 15 when Great Falls Police found him in an alley just off of 2nd Avenue South.  Sitting in the Cascade County Jail today on a bond of $150,000 is 76 year old  Edward Beaulieu.


Authorities in Seattle, Washington have been looking for Beaulieu ever since he failed to show up in court in 2019.  Beaulieu is charged with communication with a minor for immoral purposes.  According to stories out of Seattle,  Beaulieu was originally arrested in the summer of 2019 in Seattle and was able to post bond. He was never seen again, that is until he showed up in Great Falls.   According to Cascade County Attorney Josh Racki, it appears that Great Falls Police may have been tipped off that Beaulieu was in Great Falls.

Beaulieu- Cascade County Jail Roster.
Beaulieu- Cascade County Jail Roster.

Apparently Seattle police wanted to capture Beaulieu so bad, they even featured him on Washington's Most Wanted TV show back in 2019.  Police from an assault and child abuse unit in Seattle says Beaulieu was working for the victim's mother doing yard work.  At one point he lured the 10 year old girl outside and asked her to help patch some holes in the house that were being used  by wasps.  the mother was allergic to bees and stayed in the house.  According to the ten year old,  he then began touching her sexually and asking her if it, "felt good?"


A couple of months went by before the victim told the story to a person she could trust and police then arrested Beaulieu in Seattle.  But for about the next four years he was eluding authorities before his arrest here in Great Falls.  He is due in a Great Falls courtroom as they discuss extradition proceedings back to Seattle.

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