What States Are Losing The Most Residents To Montana?

People moving to Montana is nothing new; it's been happening since before we were officially a state in America.

In recent years, however, it seems there has been a bigger influx of new residents than in years past.

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Why Are People Moving To Montana?

For those of us living in Montana, it's not hard to understand why people would want to move here.

If you love the outdoors we've got some of the best outdoor activities in America, and there is less congestion due to our smaller population.

One of the bigger reasons is that, depending on where you are moving from, the cost of living is far lower than where you left.

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Can Montana Survive With All The New Transplants?

One thing you hear over and over when the topic of transplants comes up is how our Montana way of life is changing.

You hear the horror stories of people moving in and trying to "fix" Montana by making it what they just left.

The one state you hear the most complaints about is California. I don't know if there is a state more loathed in Montana than California.

Guess what, though? They aren't the state sending us the most new residents; that honor goes to another state, as you'll see in the gallery below.

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