What Zip Codes In Montana Have The Highest Household Income?

Does where you live affect how much money you make?

I would say yes, it does to some extent. You aren't going to be able to live in a high cost of living area if you yourself aren't making plenty of money.

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The Cost Of Living In Montana Is Going Up

A higher cost of living will also more than likely mean a higher mean income, but those numbers can get skewed a bit.

One of the reasons so many people came to Montana was that, compared to where they were living, our state had a much lower cost of living.

That in turn meant that some zip codes got a big boost in their mean income, even though long-time residents didn't see their income increase.

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Long Time Montana Residents Are Feeling The Pinch

This is one of the biggest complaints most residents have when outsiders move to Montana.

They purchase homes or land in these areas at a much higher price than the average home price, thus driving up property taxes for everyone around.

Over time, it pushes out people who have lived in those areas for years, even generations, because they no longer can afford to stay there.

So are the highest mean income zip codes in those areas that cater to the wealthy in Montana? Find the answer in the gallery below.👇

It's The 10 Richest Zip Codes In Montana

The following 10 Zip Codes have the highest mean income in Montana according to the website Income by Zip Code using data from the census.

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