These Montana Hotels & Motels Should Be Avoided At All Costs

There are plenty of Montana towns that rely on tourists coming into town to help boost their local economies.

One of the industries that benefits the most from these visitors is the hospitality industry, but sadly, there are a couple brands that should be avoided, at least according to the so-called "experts."

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Why Are These Hotels & Motels So Bad?

I'll be honest, I've stayed at these hotels, and I never thought they were that bad.

Sure, they aren't a 5-star hotel with a Michelin-starred chef on site, but when you're traveling and tired, they hit the spot.

So who are these so-called experts that have rated these two brands as the worst places to stay?

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Two Publications Have The Same Results

Both Reader's Digest and Hoyt Livery have named these two places as the bottom two places to stay.

Hoyt Livery got their rankings based on answers from a survey of 12,000 people, while Reader's Digest used the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

With that amount of data behind them, the two hotels and motels they say to avoid are Super 8 and Motel 6.

As I mentioned earlier, I've stayed at both, and during my stays, I had no complaints.

A little pro-tip from a long-time traveler. Ask to view a room before booking; seeing inside will let you know if it's worth your time (and money) to book a stay.

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