Montana Is Home To Two Excellent Destinations In America

While many Montana residents wish fewer people would make their way to the Big Sky State, tourism is a vital part of our economy.

There are quite a few businesses in the state that survive thanks to the money spent by those visiting tourists year after year.

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Millions Of Tourists Mean Millions Of Dollars

Montana has been a popular vacation destination for decades, and we show no sign of stopping anytime soon.

That's in part due to publications like the World Population Review website, which recently said there were two amazing reasons to visit Montana.

They looked to Expedia to see what popular destinations had the most people booking stays near those destinations and their ratings to come up with the list.

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The Two Most Popular Destinations In Montana Should Be No Surprise

Was there really any doubt that both the national parks would be selected as the best of the best in Montana?

Here is what the World Population Review had to say about them both:

Montana is known for its beautiful, untouched nature scapes. Out of Montana's nine national parks, Yellowstone and Glacier are the top two to visit. Glacier National Park boasts grand glaciers, crystal clear lakes, forests, and mountains accessible to visitors by miles of hiking trails. The famous Yellowstone National Park is known for its views and geysers, a must-see for any nature enthusiast. Old Faithful, Yellowstone’s most famous geyser, is one of the biggest draws for Montana tourists.

Thanks to their popularity, they can be BUSY, so if you would rather get away from everybody on your next Treasure State vacation, why not visit some of our state parks instead?

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