My mom and I love love love the Farmer's Market.  We go nearly every Saturday.

It's so much fun leisurely walking around on a Saturday morning checking out all of the homemade wares, smells of all the yummy farmer's market food, and of course, people watching.

This year, Farmer's Market really got their game on.  First, they started it at 8:30 a.m. instead of 7:45.  It was HUGE nearly every week.  Once difference, different vendors on different Saturdays.  There are always the staples that are there every week, Hutterites, mini donuts, coffee, meat on a stick, all the good stuff and things that make it so fun.  In between, there were different vendors selling some of the most amazing wares, and if you missed them, they might not be there next week.  As a person who lives and breathes marketing, this is a brilliant strategy to get folks into the market every week. Nicely done.

When you go as often as I do, you form little friendships with your favorite booths.  Plus, you get to know who has the best fruit, who's always got the greatest veggies and, of course, Hutterite eggs and rolls.

The bummer of the deal is that we're closing in on the last couple of markets for the season.  The thing I heard at nearly every booth was that they were getting ready to call it a year and hibernate for the winter.  It always makes me so sad.  There's just nothing like the Great Falls Farmer's Market for a great date with my mom on Saturdays.  There's nothing quite like it in town the rest of the year, and I'm going to miss it.

Here are a few pictures from the market this year.  If you've been thinking about checking it out, you're going to want to make a point of it in the next week or two.

Farmer's Market Great Falls

Farmer's Market 2022


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