The last couple of weeks have been a bit rough in terms of weather. We've seen a significant amount of snowfall over the last week, which means that the roads throughout Montana have been covered in ice and snow.

One of Montanans' biggest complaints is road conditions during the winter.

With all of the miles of highways and passes that Montana has, it is no doubt a big job for the state and local governments to take care of them during the winter. I mean, Montana is the 4th biggest state and has one of the smallest populations in the country, so just how much can we expect to be done?

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Having said that, several folks bring up the point that the interstates are a mess as well.  Case in point, over the weekend there were a handful of wrecks that were believed to be weather-related on I-90, some that backed up traffic for hours.


While no one likes the inconvenience of waiting in traffic, the bigger issue to consider here is the fact that folks are being put in life-threatening situations. So what, if anything, can be done? The Montana Department of Transportation has tens of thousands of miles to take care of, and like almost every other business in the state, is understaffed.


Is it time for the government to step up and increase funding for the clearing of our highways and roads across the state? Or is it possible that we should look into some sort of private contractor situation, where private businesses agree to take care of the roads during the winter? What about a combination of both?

What do you think? Should the state do more? Or should we leave it as it is? Send us your thoughts by using the station app and clicking on app chat.

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