Fans of the hit television show "Yellowstone" are looking forward to the release of the second half of season 5 this upcoming summer 2023. Everyone is wondering "what will become of the Duttons?" Will Jaime and Beth try and kill each other? Will Governor Dutton get impeached? Will the rumors of Rip getting killed come true?

In the meantime, Kevin Costner has really taken a liking to western Montana. Even though there are rumors that he may be exiting the show himself. While filming here all last summer, he grew more and more fond of the Bitterroot Valley. So much so that he researched some history of the valley and the iconic duo Lewis and Clark. Watch as Kevin Costner shares some of what he learned about the valley and what Lewis and Clark found on their travels through the area.

Kevin is the Co-founder of a cool new app called HearHere. According to their YouTube description:

HearHere is a location-based digital road trip companion tailored to deliver inspiration, historical facts, an entertainment to travelers as they take a road trip through America and listen to the landscape.


This is just one of the many "irons in the fire" that Kevin Costner has going for him. So much so, that there are rumors that he may be exiting the show. Not only to take on more business ventures like HearHere, but he is also taking on a directing job for a four-part movie titled Horizon, as well as a Civil War-era film he's producing with Morgan Freeman.

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