Does Anyone In Great Falls Know How To Use A 4-Way Stop?

Ok, so I may be over reacting to this 4 way stop thing, but here is the scenario:

So, I'm headed home Friday after a very long day at work, and I get hung up at the four way stop. (Keep in mind, I was already irritated because work had been such a bear all week, so my nerves weren't where they should be.)

angry driver

I was the 3rd car to stop, meaning that there were 2 vehicles that could, and SHOULD go before me.  Then it happened. The 4-way-stop-standoff.

You know the 4-way-stop-standoff.  It's where every vehicle at a 4-way stop just sits there, looking at the other car's drivers like they're crazy menaces to driving society.

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(How in the funky fresh can you even get your drivers license if you don't know your way around a 4-way stop?  It's like driving 101.)

I thought to myself, the two of you should have gone, but now, we're all going to try going at the same time. Then, just like I predicted, all of the cars attempted to go. Then it was the stop and go show until the 4 of us got through the intersection.

WHY? For the love of all that's holy, why?

This Is How It Works At A 4-Way Stop:

From Cok Konzler: The first to stop gets to go first.  If you stop at the same time as another vehicle, the vehicle on the right gets to go first.  Easy peazy lemon squeezy. You always yield to the vehicle on the right, so there are no tricks here.  It's basic driving knowledge and courtesy.

4 way stop montana

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